Yours is your table. It is unique because it is “yours”: you choose size, composition, geometry, materials and colours.

Yours seduces for what it evokes, rather than for what it is.

It is a transformable and non-transformable tables system, with great flexibility, designed to be made by the final user.

Yours comes from a research and experimentation path and it combines rationality and innovation.

Yours can be placed in any space and in any context. In a house as in a workspace, in a restaurant as in a waiting room.

Yours is a modular table system with almost innumerable arrangements and with variable geometry.

This system comprises wooden tabletops, connectors, supports and aluminium joints, rods and wooden legs.

It is mainly divided into compositions and transformable compositions.

Compositions are tables made of any size and material elements and they are static.

Transformable compositions are convertible tables that, in addition to being composed of any size and material elements, may take different geometries.

Wooden tabletops are circular in shape and are designed in six different diameters (40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 cm). They are 30 mm thick and their beveled perimeter tapers to 15 mm. The tabletop lower surface is worked with a circular recess in order to accommodate the aluminium support. Tops can be made of solid wood or chipboard veneered in different types of wood with solid wood edging. Or again with upper laminate in different colours, combined with other wooden parts.

Connection pins are the circular tabletops junction elements (wood or steel) at the points of tangency. They are part of the compositions and they ensure stability. Each tabletop is always connected to the adjacent one with a minimum of two junction plugs. In case of steel joints, several types on the market are available for this application.

The aluminium supports serve as reinforcing elements and connection between the tabletop and the leg. Their shape, as in the pictures, is designed to receive the (female) head of the (male) carved wooden leg. In case of transformable compositions, the connection between the head of carved wooden leg and its support is mediated by the articulated joint. Supports are designed with six different diameters and they are inserted in the undercut of the wooden tabletop, to be fixed

with glue, screws and / or invisible dowels. Aluminium supports adhere perfectly to the wooden tabletop as a whole.

Aluminium joints are the items proposed for transformable compositions. These allow two converging rods to rotate freely. These elements need to be engineered in the executive phase and made ad hoc.

Wooden rods connect the elements of transformable compositions at the joints. The rods length equals the sum of the radii of the two connected circular tabletops, in order to allow the connected elements to rotate to each other by maintaining contact among various tabletops and ensuring the composition stability.

Legs are in turned solid wood conical truncated. Their heads are machined and fitted with male for aluminium supports grafting or joints grafting, in case of transformable compositions.

This system is available in four variations: low composition (height: 35 cm) with three composition types, of three and six elements with different diameters; composition (height: 75 cm) with three composition types, of four, six and eight elements with different diameters; transformable composition (height: 75 cm) with three composition types, of four, six and eight elements with different diameters; high composition (height 105 cm) with three composition types, of three and six elements with different diameters.

Our design effort aims to a balance between principles of design and construction practice, between theory and praxis, between formal intuition and executive solution and technology choice, with all respect to cost limits and of constructive tradition.

At the basis of our work is the belief that the quality of design derives from the design process continuity and from an intense dialogue and discussion with specialists, with craftsmen and with the company.


Massimiliano Gamba

Walter Balducchi


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