Massimiliano Gamba

Trained as an architect at the “Politecnico di Milano”, Massimiliano Gamba graduates in 1996 with the thesis “Utopia and anti-utopia in the architectural technology of the works of Renzo Piano and Aldo Rossi”. His thesis supervisor is Fabrizio Schiaffonati.

In 1997 he obtains from the “Politecnico di Milano” the professional qualification and, in 1998, he becomes member of the Order of Architects, Planners, Landscape Architects and Conservation Architects of the Province of Bergamo.

Owner of Massimiliano Gamba Architects, he performs and coordinates the design activities in interiors, architecture and landscape.

As an expert in matters concerning landscape design and environmental sustainability, he lends his expertise as a consultant to companies and public administration entities.

Over the years Massimiliano Gamba matures extensive experience through small and big design challenges on the themes of living. Faced with commitment and passion, these works give back, as in a balance of give and take, what today constitutes a precious baggage of culture, expertises and sensitivity in continuous evolution.

His works, exhibited and published widely, have obtained mentions, prizes and recognitions.

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