Square is a personal table, or desk, or work lamp... It offers different light intensities, illuminating only as needed, to provide comfort during diverse moments of the day: waking up, reading, working. Simple everyday activities for which each of us searches a precise illumination level, adapted to satisfy our personal need for comfort.

Square creates a welcoming atmosphere, an atmosphere that elicits mental concentration as only this kind of lamp can create, as opposed to a tendency toward austere, diffused and homogenous lighting exclusively concerned with performance.

With Square I have wanted to add an uncommon use of a lighting device, soliciting an original rapport with the object: the presence of a secret jewellery box establishes a relationship of affection between self and the lamp.

The lamp has an appearance of a square whose perimeter is defined by a frame of triangular section. The square and the triangle concur in denoting the design of the lamp as rational, rigourous, geometric... But the light and the shadows of different nuances achieve emotional and expressive values as well as the functional.

The Square lamp can be made in aluminium and is equipped with two internal luminous sources and an inline dimmer switch for the adjustment of luminous intensity.

The light sources are filtered through two sanded glass sheets.

The surface finish is planned in white or silver paint.

The base of the lamp can be opened, revealing the jewellery box wherein small objects can be kept.

This concept is limited to defining the lamp with its essential contents. The engineering of the project will explore the diverse construction possibilities and their declensions. As an alternative to aluminium synthetic materials could be used or new plastic casing, giving the lamp the additional dimension of haptic perception.


Massimiliano Gamba


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