Palazzo Calvi

Martinengo, Bergamo, Italy

The scope of intervention constitutes a valuable portion of Martinengo Municipal territory positioned within the old town centre and comprising Porta Garibaldi, Crocefisso road and the “vallo colleonesco” rampart.

The area falls within the perimeter of the territory regulated by the environmental law ex Legge 1497/1939, imposed by a ministerial decree of 24 July 1964.

The intrinsic value of the area lies, in general, in belonging to the urban building conglomerate within the medieval city walls, characterised by the coexistence of constitutive elements, significant in their historical, urban and environmental profile.

From a strictly architectural point of view, the complex of the Palazzo Calvi indeed constitutes an entity of an outstanding importance and an undeniable dominance.


Massimiliano Gamba

Dimensional data

Intervention area = 6,930 m2

Status quo: volume = 14,580 m3

Final arrangement: volume = 17,000 m3


Project: 2005

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