Moonlit is a large table thought for domestic and work spaces, as well as public spaces, waiting rooms, reading rooms, libraries,in order to follow the rhythms of contemporary life, where life and work are intertwined with informality.

Moonlit combines a clear design with generous dimensions and innovative features, such as lighting and the option of UBS power outlets, electrical, telephone and data outlets as complements.

A perfect  space, where one to four persons can sit and where the necessary elements are condensed to a work- or reading station, in a simple and essential language.

The table base is made of a central beam and steel plates, which are cut and folded according to a determined design.  Three  “T” steel beams supports make the horizontal plane satble. A painting of all the metallic parts is provided with embossed effect in white or black color.

The top is in wood particleboard and it can be veneered with either different types of wood or laminated, in which case it is provided the beveled edges in solid wood and painted.

Assembly of parts takes place by screwing with visible fixing screws in stainless steel.

At each end of the top two orientable lamps provide adequate lighting with low energy consumption.

The lighting fixture is made of bent and painted steel sheet. The light source is a LED strip with PMMA diffuser. Power is supplied by a cable passing through the central beam of the table structure, where the electronic transformer is located.

The lamp project development can include a soft touch dimmer and an optical switch.


Massimiliano Gamba


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