Elle performs  an object as simple as a shelf in a contemporary way.

A current and timeless interpretation. An elementary response to a need and a desire.

Made of aluminum, Elle takes its name from the cross-section shape of the beam that describes it.

A light and capacious structure supporting books, documents and objects comes from an extruded aluminum beam. 

An independent shelf, yet combinable with more elements on the wall, even differently sized.

Elle can be produced in extreme lengths, creating new scenarios and characterizing Elle as the lead of wall and space.

In this sense, Elle allows the modification and qualification of spaces open to different interpretations.

Thanks to light, Elle appears to be lightweight and ethereal. The double indirect illumination “detaches” the shelf from the wall and it makes it fluctuate. Emotionality joins functionality.

The light is one of the product’s perceptive factors. Hence the sensory quality of Elle is submitted, for a positive relationship with the emotional sphere of the user. Simple, precise and rigorous in its forms, Elle is precious, for the material character of aluminum, with its silvery finish.

Differently sized boxes are complementary and informally enrich the composition of Elle. Wood fiber boxes, with box-section, can be dressed in different materials, such as wood and fabrics, or lacquered in different colors and with different surface finishes. The boxes organize the books and the objects arranged on Elle, as a book end such as a support base for other objects. Elle thus acquires new expressive possibilities with endless, flexible, and personal compositions and material approaches, using an elementary language, in which simplicity is translated in an expressiveness as a result of a tendency for the reduction of complexity, both formal and constructive.

The simplicity of the overall system and the lightness of materials meet the need for flexibility in equipping walls, both in domestic and work spaces.


Massimiliano Gamba


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