Tre lanterne restaurant

Martinengo, Bergamo, Italy

Founded by Annita Vecchierelli and Vincenzo Nozza in 1962, the Tre lanterne restaurant has always been a reference point for good italian cuisine in the lowlands of Bergamo. 

Expression of a tradition in taste, the dishes still reveal the simplicity and genuineness of a family Kitchen, where quality is assured by a passion for “good food” and “good drink”.

Now in its third generation, the restaurant is managed by Gianpietro, who commissioned the architect Massimiliano Gamba and Tino Sana to characterize at best a “place” where you can taste and enjoy food and wine with friends, where the culture of “to sitting at the table” helps to be happy.

The restyling was developed closely together with the client. Requirements and targets, limits and constraints were clear from the very first meeting with the manager, as one would expect from a restaurateur who knows his profession well.

It was a tailoring job and we worked, as the saying is, with the available fabric.

The building envelope was emptied and the passages leading to the different rooms were refurbished. New materials for floors, ceilings and walls define the new box, with warm tones and soft finishing.

The pursuit of essential, the practice of removing rather than adding, the quest for  expressiveness of materials and the synthesis of the creative act characterized the design process and the construction site.

The uppermost materials are wood and corten steel. The former widely used as single woodtype for coverings and furniture. The latter combined with wood in sideboards and drawers, and as freestanding sheet, such as the origami divider at the entrance.

The three “clouds” on the ceiling characterize the room and represent a successful integration between beauty and functionality. In addition to a dramatic role, the three clouds perform the function of acoustic baffles and of lighting.

The false ceiling is characterized by sound-absorbing circular inserts apparently randomized.

The light is provided by four independent and dimmable lighting systems that allow infinite combinations and atmospheres.

Project and work supervision

Massimiliano Gamba


Adriano Caramenti


Project: 2013

Construction: 2014

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