These handles come from the assumption of the technical conditions imposed by the competition notice and the idea that the quality of the design derives from a continuing process of drawing and design, to achieve the best result as integration between synthesis of a concept, beauty and functionality.

The handle “Pipa” is characterized by a strict geometric shape. Sturdy and generously sized, it tries to merge the design intuition to mold-related functional and timeless aesthetic concepts of simplicity and linearity.

The handle “Linea”, thin and light, effectively expresses a concept of formal classical style and all rational. Elegant, strong and medium size is suitable for use in homes, but also in offices and public spaces.

The handle “Fuso” performs and revisits an ancient form. Produced in bronze, it may be proposed in restoration projects. In the chrome version this handle, simple and truly functional, gives the door a classic contemporary taste.


Massimiliano Gamba


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