Fusion comes to life thanks to the synergy between Italian artisan companies leaders in their fields.

Sharing motivations, goals and philosophy that distinguish the tradition of the made in Italy, Alimonti unveils the project that defines the new dimensions of bathroom made of natural stones and wood.

Massimiliano Gamba has always been exploring bathroom and water themes in terms of architecture, design and technology. He interprets the bathroom as a place for regeneration, rest, rite. Where mind and body purity go along with purity of shapes.

Design is preceded by a path of introspection. Only at the end of this personal journey, space and shapes will correspond to uses and needs. This process allows the technical perfection to reach a sort of spiritual quality. Ritual is added to functionality. 

Fusion is a project with a great material character, designed through neat lines, where wood and stone are combined according to a principle of spatial continuity that blends space and content.

The collection consideres the use of exclusive natural materials such as marble, granite and natural wood, in coordination with taps, frames and metal complements with various surface finishes, allowing you to set up environments according to the customer’s wishes, with all the warmth coming from natural products.

Fusion is a versatile concept. This project was designed to harmonize with any setting, potentially combining any material and surface finishing. 

Also the size of each element of the Fusion collection can be customized. 

Fusion can be therefore described as a tailor-made product.

Fusion washbasins are carved from a single block of stone in three versions, as if to show progress in the transformation of material, from the simplest form to the most complex.

It’s a design that goes beyond time and fashion, characterized by purity and simplicity of the shape.

Washbasins are equipped with click-clack waste and integrated overflow drainage system.

Fusion bathtub is a freestanding bathtub characterized by neat and simple shapes. Marked by its massive dimension, on the other hand it reveals itself as incredibly comfortable and sinous, perfect to accommodate your body with its unprecedented ergonomic design.

The project considers an extension of the bathtub, for example a seat or lounger with a soft mattress to relax before and after bathing.

The neatness of the shapes is also achieved thanks to the use of an innovative and smart pop-up waste with integrated automatic overflow drainage system.

A shower tray with no edges, extending all over the bathroom: this is Fusion shower tray.

Integrated functionality: an opening stone slab conceals the shower drain, thus maintaining the continuity of the floor.

The cabinet with doors is equipped with internal shelves, drawers, sliding shelves and anything the customer desires. Functional and spacious.

The chest of drawers is an essential and seductive piece of furniture, characterized by a large top, drawers and shelves to store accessories, cosmetics and towels.

Selected materials from all over the world originate exclusive locations and create unique and sophisticated atmospheres.

Stone and wood elegantly decorate any room through bright or dim shades and harmonious nuances.

The finishing available for the metal surfaces are pre-selected, while it is possible to create an infinite number of combinations of wood and finishing for the wooden elements.

Alimonti’s wide collection of marble, granite, onyx, travertine and limestone is made nearly endless by the various surface finishing that can be performed on these materials.


Massimiliano Gamba




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