Clinica del sale

Cremona, Italy

“Clinica del sale” is a place where halotherapy is experienced:  a treatment that consists in inhaling dry aerosol microparticles of sodium chloride (salt) + iodine emanated from a particular nozzle inside salt caves Aerosal®.

The organization of space meets requirements of a format provided by the Head Office, which includes a reception to welcome the customers, a personal data gathering and the management of appointments. It also comprises a waiting room with a play area for children, who constitute a great part of our users, access and changing rooms, salt caves Aerosal®. In these rooms, which are completely covered with salt, halotherapy is practiced: a treatment that is based on the properties of natural salt micronized through special techniques in an enclosed environment recreating the typical climatic conditions of natural salt caves and mines.

Project and work supervision

Massimiliano Gamba


Project and construction: 2011

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